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College Students Need More Sleep

College Students Sleeping Habits

College Sleeping Habits

The latest college sleeping trends indicate that students don’t get enough sleep. Not to mention, they have to balance classes, personal studies, social life, and jobs. Although chronic sleep loss and poor sleep habits are common in college, experts say that sleep has a great impact on learning. Sleep deprivation affects cognition, memory, and motivation. According to the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), the best way to ensure you succeed in your academics is to study and also to get a good night’s sleep.

Why Is Sleep Important to College Students?

  • Focus and attention are key
  • Sleep impacts knowledge retention
  • You'll miss class, and connection, without sleep
  • Improved energy increases mood and healthy behavior
  • Less stress

As a college student, you may not have a lot of time to sleep, but this doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect getting quality rest. While your busy schedule and daily pressures may be the reason why you toss and turn all night, your lumpy pillow isn’t helping either; it's time to find the best pillow.

Your pillow can greatly impact your quality of sleep. A good pillow will help keep your body aligned, help you maintain a healthy sleep posture, and help you avoid physical discomfort that comes from using the wrong pillow. Premium Luxe Pillows will help you get better sleep. Some of the advantages of quality sleep include:

Improved Attention

Millions of college students have difficulties concentrating, organizing their work spaces, completing tasks, and even remembering large amounts of information. Quality sleep won’t only make you feel better and reenergized, it will also boost how your brain functions. When you’re sleep deprived, your brain is on go-mode. But when you sleep, your brain solidifies memories, including what you have learned all day long. Additionally, sleep gives your brain enough time to remove harmful protein products from brain cells, which helps your brain become more attentive and you’ll feel less foggy after sleeping.

Sleep deprivation impairs vital parts of your brain that are charged with controlling cognitive abilities and behaviors. In fact, through brain imaging technology, science has been able to prove the importance of sleep and how it has a direct impact on our daily functioning. During a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), your brain will display normal metabolism as your blood flows to other areas of your brain. However, a sleep-deprived individual will show reduced brain metabolism and blood flow.

Knowledge Retention

After you learn something new, the best way to ensure that you remember it is by sleeping on it. Getting a good night’s sleep can greatly help reinforce the memories you have formed throughout the day. Additionally, sleep will help you link new memories to previous ones. This can help you come up with brilliant new ideas while you sleep.

Sleeping before learning will prepare your brain for the initial creation of memories. And sleeping after you have learned something is essential to save, as well as cement, the information in your brain which means you will be less likely to forget what you have learned. While you sleep, your brain moves through the different sleep phases, including light and deep sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep whereby dreams often occur.

Attend Class

Researchers have discovered that sleep deprivation is the reason why most employees fail to go to work. Similarly, if you don’t get enough sleep each night, then you will wake up exhausted. The thought of going to school while sleep deprived will most likely send you back under the covers. When sleep deprived, you will start missing one day or several days of school in a week in an attempt to recoup missed sleep. Getting enough sleep for just a single day won’t make up for a whole week of sleep deprivation.

Energy to Participate in Activities

Today, most colleges and universities have one common goal: “to develop the whole student.” In college, extracurricular involvement is one of the best ways for personal development. You should not only engage in extracurricular activities for social, entertainment, and enjoyment purposes but also to gain and improve your skills.

According to an article written by Alexander Astin in 1993, almost all extracurricular activities can positively affect your learning and personal development. In order to have the energy to participate in these activities, you need to get a good night’s sleep and be well-rested.

Your Pillow Affects the Quality of Your Sleep

Ample sleep equals a healthy brain. Although neuroscientists have scientifically proven this, some college students can’t resist a late-night out. It’s now up to you to identify the best way to improve your sleep and that could start with the best pillow.

 Keep in mind that sleep at a relatively young age is more important than at any other stage in life, because your brain is undergoing significant changes that can directly impact your emotions, learning, and self-control. According to recent research, the best solution to sleep deprivation is investing in a good pillow. To get your premium pillow, visit Luxe Pillow today.