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Teenagers and Sleep

Teenagers and Sleep

Teenage Sleeping Habits

Sleep is food for teenagers’ brains and is particularly vital well into their 20’s. According to the Child Mind Institute, adolescents need approximately 9 hours of sleep every night to function optimally and to remain mentally, cognitively, and physically healthy. But tell this to another teenager’s parent or your own adolescent for that matter, and they will laugh.

Today, teenagers don’t have the time to sleep for 9 hours during the school year. Only 8 percent of teenagers across the country get enough sleep. The other 92 percent have chronic sleep deprivation. While it may be impossible for your teenager to sleep for the recommended number of hours, you can give them the gift of quality sleep by investing in a premium Luxe Pillow. Quality sleep means that your teenager is able to cycle through all the four important stages of the sleep cycle at least 5 times before waking up in the morning. Some of the benefits of better sleep include:

Does My Teenager Need Sleep?

  • The answer is unequivocally yes... but why?
  • Sleep helps with energy, focus, and development
  • Improves growth
  • Improves concentration and mood
  • Improving sleep starts with the best pillow

Better Studying Methods

Is your teenager having trouble in school? Have a look at their sleep habits. For them to thrive academically, adolescents need the energy and ability to concentrate, focus, and retain information. All these rely on quality and consistent sleep.

Growth and Development

Teenage life is very important for maturation – intellectual, physical and emotional. Sleep helps in fueling these important processes. Therefore, better sleep is necessary for adolescents’ growth, development, and quality of life.

Better Sleep is Essential for Your Teenager

Teenagers need approximately 9 hours of sleep every night, but most of them don’t come even close to getting that much. Sleep deprivation can lead to everything – from depression to a weakened immune system. To ensure that your teenager gets enough sleep, try and make their bed a more inviting place to sleep. You can do this by adding soft and layered pillows and a comfortable blanket to make them feel like they can melt away into sleep.

More Energy

Apart from helping your teenager grow, sufficient sleep will boost their energy levels and concentration for extracurricular activities. Sleep-deprived teenagers tend to be more fatigued and tend to feel lethargic.

Better Mood

For teenagers, a good mood highly depends on sleep. When your teenager is sleep deprived, they become short-tempered, irritable, and vulnerable to stress. Fortunately, after getting enough sleep, you will likely see great improvement in their mood (less of that dreadful teen angst!)

Bottom Line

Fatigued teens can’t remember what they learn because the brain neurons lose their plasticity thus they’re incapable of forming synaptic connections that are important to encode memories. What’s more, a tired brain tends to get stuck on the wrong answer. To help your teenager get quality sleep, get a premium Luxe Pillow today!