Luxe Pillow®

Giving Back

At Luxe Pillow®, we believe our company should do more than make money, we should be a force for good. We’ve joined the Pledge 1% global movement, pledging 1% of our profits, time, and product. 

1% of Profits

We give back 1% to US Public Schools through an organization called Donors Choose. This allows us to contribute directly to teachers and schools in need. 

1% of Products

We dedicate 1% of our pillows to different organizations in need, especially focusing on homeless shelters, dog rescues, and foster care.

1% of Time

As a family, we dedicate 1% of our time to community opportunities in Atlanta and virtual opportunities. 

How You Can Participate

If you know of a school in need with a project on Donors Choose, please send us a message at We’ll select one project monthly to dedicate to a customer. We’re also happy to take recommendations for product donations and community service.