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The Catalyst

When you sleep poorly it affects every part of your life from mood, to productivity, creativity and your health. We know from experience. So we set out to create a better pillow, one that supports you in any sleeping position.

The Creation

The Luxe Pillow is constructed in three separate sections (3C Technology) - the core and then two additional filled chambers. Soft, supportive and structured. A perfect combination of premium materials, new school creativity and old school comfort.

The Value

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so having the right pillow is vital. When you invest in your sleep you're investing in yourself. Upgrade your sleep with a Luxe Pillow© today.


Smiling woman
My husband and I love our Luxe Pillow(s)! We were so impressed by the pillow, the packaging and the personal note.

– Katie P. -- Charlotte, NC

Happy Luxe Pillow Customer
My favorite thing about my Luxe Pillow is how comfortable it is in every sleeping position. It has really helped me sleep better.

– Josh E. -- Seattle, WA

Smiling Luxe Pillow Customer
These pillows are extraordinary. It is very rare that you purchase an item that goes way beyond your expectations. I'd recommend Luxe Pillow to anyone.

– Keith S. -- Portland, OR

She loves her Luxe Pillow
Love these pillows. They elevated my sleep game. I highly recommend them.

– Leslie P. -- New York, NY

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