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Sleep: A Miracle Drug

Sleep: A Miracle Drug

The Effects of Sleep on Organization and Memory

We all know that a good night’s sleep can make you feel better physically, but what can sleep do for your brain? As it turns out, sleep is something of a miracle drug. A good night’s sleep can help you become more organized, improve your memory, and improve your life in general!

Top 3 Sleep Benefits

  • Improve memory
  • Increase brain function
  • Increase overall energy

Sleep and organization

Staying organized can play a major role in keeping you functional and on track. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your own organizational skills, getting a little more sleep might be the answer. We know that sleep deprivation can impair basic functioning and make your mood worse, so it only makes sense that getting a good night’s sleep will make you sharper, and put you in a better mood for personal development. It’s much easier to organize yourself when you’re feeling fresh and positive. Having a restful night can do big things for your organizational capacity!

More specifically, enjoying a good night’s sleep can significantly improve your performance at work. Several years ago, an extensive study from Hult International Business School revealed that that poor sleep often leads to poorer performance at work. Employees who are well-rested are usually much more alert and therefore can make difficult decisions with relative ease. After all, it is much easier to organize your own thoughts in an office presentation when you can think clearly and are not bogged down by a cloud of fatigue.

Sleep and memory

Memory goes hand-in-hand with organizational skills and work performance. While you’re asleep, your brain is hard at work. One of its primary functions is to consolidate and organize your memories. Because of this, restful sleep with a healthy REM cycle can do wonders for maintaining your memories. While you’re sleeping, your brain shifts certain memories and skills into more long-term regions of the brain, making the information more easily accessible in the future.

Sleeping just after learning something new can do a lot to help you retain that information, making sleep a crucial element in learning and education. If you’ve ever struggled to retain information, try getting a few more hours of sleep per night--it just might make the difference.

Sleep and brain health

More and more research is being conducted into the relationship between sleep and longevity. Recent findings have shown that a good night’s sleep helps every single major body system and organ, especially your brain. As you may know, your prefrontal cortex plays a major role in many of the things you do every day without thinking, from solving complex issues at work to organizing a meticulous business plan.

When you forgo sleep, your brain suffers. And of course, this is not an uncommon occurrence. A survey from the Harvard Business Review found that over 40% of business leaders reported getting inadequate sleep each week.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all your sleep woes. Sleep is an incredible natural cure-all that can benefit everyone, regardless of age or health status. Curl up with your Luxe Pillow, get a good night’s sleep, and you will see the benefits in mind and body.