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Five Reasons Why Luxe Pillow® is Better Than MyPillow, Casper, and Tuft and Needle

Luxe Pillow® is better than MyPillow, Casper, and Tuft and Needle

The Reasons Why Luxe Pillow® is Better Than MyPillow, Casper and Tuft and Needle

A good night’s sleep is more than just important; it’s vital, and the pillow is one of the top factors in determining whether you’re just sleeping or truly resting and recovering. There comes a time when everyone goes on the hunt for a good, long-lasting pillow that can help them improve their lives with higher quality sleep. But with so many competing brands, it can be a bit overwhelming. You might be tempted into thinking that all “fancy” pillows are the same.

The truth is that they’re not. While most pillows will have one or two important benefits, only the Luxe Pillow® has all of them. Instead of choosing between the pillow that lasts for years and the pillow with good spine support, you can find everything you’re looking for in Luxe Pillow® instead.

So, what does Luxe Pillow® have that our competitors don’t?

1.   100% Focus on Pillows

Pillows are all that we do; it’s right there in our name. Pillows aren’t a side gig or an extra item tacked onto a different business model. Pillows are our foundation, so perfecting our designs and providing people with the best sleep possible engages our full attention. Other companies put their pillows behind their mattresses, sheets, or even dog beds, which means inferior products and subpar customer service. At Luxe Pillow®, we devote all of our attention to designing excellent pillows and fostering good relationships with customers.

2.   Layers for All

We build our pillows using our perfected layer design. These layers give the Luxe Pillow® a versatility that few other pillows have. Luxe Pillow® is an excellent pillow for side sleepers, as well as those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or backs. No matter how sleep finds you, the Luxe Pillow® will help you get the most out of your eight hours. All types of sleepers can use the Luxe Pillow® to get the most from their nights and wake up rested and ready.

The well-constructed Luxe Pillow® offers vital neck support for better, more efficient sleep. No more waking up with nagging pains or stiff muscles. No more dreading the alarm clock. Luxe Pillow® will give you the neck support you need. When your sleep is free of physical discomforts, your brain is free to make sure you’re getting the most mentally restful sleep you can.

 The Luxe Pillow® is the Perfect Addition to your Bedroom

3.   Luxury Pillow Protector

You’ve likely heard the horror stories about how often you should replace your pillow and why. Well, we’re proud to say that Luxe Pillow® is one of the exceptions to this rule. Each pillow comes with a luxury pillow protector not only to keep the pillow safe from damage but all manner of gross microbial buggers that might otherwise justify shipping your pillow to the furthest landfill. So while other pillows might be tantalizingly cheap, they’re not long-lasting. If you’re looking for a good investment, then there’s no real competition. Luxe Pillow® is the best pillow for people who want their money’s worth.

4.   The Small Business Experience

Luxe Pillow® isn’t an enormous corporation. We’re a smaller company with more time and energy to focus on our customers as individuals. People can get lost in the workings of large companies, which often prefer to make up their profits with bulk, focusing on quantity over quality. We’d rather have a good relationship with our smaller customer base. Our customers are people, not numbers. We need and want each of our customers to have the best purchasing experience possible, and to be completely satisfied with every aspect of their new Luxe Pillow®.

5.   High-Quality Materials

Luxe Pillows are constructed with impeccable detail. No aspect of our pillows’ production is too small or inconsequential to warrant the best materials. Both our down and down alternative pillows are built to last. With a Luxe Pillow®, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best. Cutting corners is too common in the manufacturing industry, and it results in inferior products and disappointed customers. All too often people come to expect this kind of poor service, but we want to remind you that quality products do exist. We don’t want people to buy new pillows from us every year because the originals wore out. We would much rather have customers recommend us to their friends and family.

You Deserve a Good Night’s Sleep

One-third of adults don’t get the sleep they need to be healthy. And we understand. People are busy, life can get hectic, and not everyone has the time for a forty minute pre-sleep routine every night. But by choosing the right pillow, you can make the most out of the time you do have, sleeping well and waking more rested. Don’t accept poor sleep as a necessity of life; you deserve a good night’s rest.

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