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You're a New Homeowner? Well Then You Need to Buy These

New House

What New Homeowners Should Buy

Now that you just closed on that mortgage and purchased your new house, you may be wondering what you should do next. After closing, it’s time to transform your new house into the home of your dreams. You can choose to paint the walls or even knock out a wall. But after buying your new home, changing the locks, and unpacking the boxes, there are a couple of things you need to purchase to make your house a home. Some of the most important things you should purchase include:

What Do I Need at my New House?

  • A high quality couch for you and all your friends
  • The best tv money can buy (specifically a 4k premium tv)
  • Dual storage fridge/freezer with Smart-temp control
  • The best pillow on the market
  • A clean, open layout

A Couch 

The centerpiece to your living room. You have a very important decision to make when you are choosing your couch not only because it will be your main source of comfort but also because the look and style will determine how people view the main part of your house.


Looking for a new TV to match your new living room? With the numerous options available today, buying a new TV can be overwhelming. Fortunately, so many options also grant you plenty of great choices. The biggest factor when purchasing a new TV is screen size. Choose a TV that will fit into your space comfortably.


If you decided to leave your old fridge in your old house, now is the time to purchase a new one for your new home. Before you buy a new fridge, determine how much space you need in a fridge. In case your house is full of hungry teenagers, then you should consider a model that has plenty of storage space. Additionally, choose a fridge that matches the finish of other appliances in your house.


Moving into your new home is a stressful process; the pressure and change in the environment can make it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why you need a new pillow to make it easier to drift off at night. Your pillow is your heads bed which means if you purchase a $1,000 mattress and spend only $10 on your pillow, you have turned your mattress into a $10 mattress.

Regardless of your sleeping style, get the best pillow, one with layers at Luxe Pillow today to sleep peacefully throughout the night.