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AirBnB and the Search for the Best Pillow

AirBnB and Luxe Pillow

AirBnB Hosts Should Partner with Luxe Pillow

If your Airbnb guests don’t get a good night’s sleep it will have a huge impact on your host review. Your guests likely will spend a lot of time out in the hot sun, or at least doing a lot of walking, and they look forward to having a great night’s sleep when they get back to your unit. If you don’t consider your bedding situation, you will hear about sandpaper bed sheets and uncomfortable mattresses in the poor reviews they will leave. Fortunately, providing your guests with a great sleep experience shouldn’t be hard. 

Why Partner with Luxe Pillow?

  • The best pillow will always be important to guests
  • Brand recognition means something
  • Sleep has an impact on everything
  • Your guests deserve the best
  • Better sleep = better feedback

Top Consumer Brand

Although the main purpose of a pillow is to align the head and neck, shopping for pillows isn’t as straightforward. Stores offer seemingly endless pillow options, but most only add to the confusion. Most consumers look for pillows that feel right while in the store, but a squeeze will only tell you so much.

According to WebMD, the right pillow should match your sleep. But who’s to know the right pillow for your guests? If you can, consider providing your guests with different types of pillows from superior brands so that they can find one that fits their sleeping style.

Best Pillow of 2020

Your guests likely know the role sleep plays in their life, and how bedding, mattresses, and pillows affect them. So when you partner with a well-known brand that is synonymous with luxury it can only help your reviews.  It’s a smart idea to choose pillow and bedding options that your guests are familiar with.

Repeat Customers

Your guests want a good night’s sleep, and this means a sturdy mattress, soft bedding, and -- of course -- high-quality pillows. Guests won’t be impressed if you provide them with leftover pillows that you wouldn’t want to use in your own home. If you want your guests to stay longer and to visit again, invest in quality pillows.

Better Feedback

There is a reason why most vacationers carry their own pillows, a good night’s sleep is essential for better health. Travel can make it harder for your guests to fall asleep so you want to make sure you are doing everything to up their comfort level. If you want to get great reviews, ensure that you transform your Airbnb into a slumber-haven with quality pillows from Luxe Pillows. 

Although you can’t predict how your guests sleep you can provide a pillow that will provide support, softness, and comfort in any sleeping position. To turn your Airbnb into a dream-vacation rental that receives positive reviews, contact Luxe Pillow today!