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You Can Win Valentine's Day!!

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

4 Reasons Why Luxe Pillow® Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Flowers are beautiful and make great centerpieces for dining room tables, but they are quick to fade. And chocolates, while delicious and a nice surprise to most, tend to be eaten and then forgotten just as quickly. This Valentine’s Day ®, you should give that special someone the gift of a good night’s sleep, courtesy of Luxe Pillow. Read on to learn more.

1. It’s For The Bedroom!

What’s more romantic than a gift that will keep your partner comfortable in the bed the two of you share together? Giving a soft, luxurious pillow as a Valentine’s Day gift is a clear sign that you value the intimate time you get to spend with your partner. If you’ve already got beautiful, silky sheets and the perfect throw pillows to match your comforter, the Luxe Pillow is the logical next step. Adding the Luxe Pillow to your bedroom ensemble will help your partner enjoy their nights with you even more than they already do!

2. It’s Made from High-Quality Materials

Nobody wants something cheap for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped chocolates may look romantic, but there’s also a good chance they came from the dollar store! The Luxe Pillow provides the ultimate experience in pillow-based luxury, and at a reasonable price point to boot! The Luxe Pillow is made from only the finest fibers and feathers you’ll find on the market. With the Luxe Pillow, you can give the gift of ultimate luxury and still have some money left over for a great bottle of wine!

The Best Gift of the Season

3. Everyday Use

Some Valentine’s Day gifts get admired for a few minutes before they’re thrown into some drawer or closet, never to be seen again. With the LuxePillow, you can feel confident that your gift will be part of your everyday routine. A comfortable, luxurious pillow is an essential part of a smooth sleep routine. Don’t worry about cluttering your home with superfluous Valentine’s Day trinkets when you give a gift that’s both practical and fun! That “Be Mine” teddy bear might be cute, but a Luxe Pillow keeps delivering long after the novelty of other gifts wears off.

4. It’s Unlike Any Other Gift -- Or Even Any Other Pillow!

Only the most luxury-conscious sleepers are bold and forward-thinking enough to trust the Luxe Pillow. The rest of the world will catch up soon, but in the meantime, stay ahead of the curve so that you and your partner can join an exclusive group of sleepers who value style, comfort, and taste above all else. The gift of the Luxe Pillow will prove to your partner that they’re not just anyone to you -- they’re special!

For more great reasons to give the gift of the LuxePillow this Valentine’s Day, check out our full slate of luxury pillows at!