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The Startling Reasons Why Better Sleep Equals Better Job Performance

Sleep for better work

For Employers and Employees, Better Sleep Means Better Job Performance

Do you ever feel like your work computer uses its evil voodoo to turn you into a zombie? Do you spend hours upon hours in your cubicle just opening and reopening your Gmail? If that sounds like you, maybe you need a new job. Or maybe the evil zombification isn’t coming from your computer at all, but from your lack of sleep!

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you should perk up at the news that a proper sleep regimen is scientifically proven to boost your performance at work. What’s more, workplace behaviors can actually impact the quality of sleep that employees get on a typical night. That can mean only one thing: employers and employees alike have a mutual interest in helping one another get the sleep they need.

Lack of sleep causes a litany of health problems: weight gain, depression, anxiety, memory loss, and much more. And those consequences have a very real impact on the economy. Just think: when your employees fall ill more frequently, not only do they have to call off more often, they also might have to seek out medical care much more often--which only raises insurance rates and in turn makes healthcare more expensive for everyone. If better quality sleep can prevent illness, then it only makes sense to encourage your employees to get a good night’s rest.

 Crush Your Work

Another research study estimated that employees with chronic insomnia cost their employers over $3,000 in lost productivity each year. A similar study showed that employee behavior degrades on the days immediately after a poor night’s sleep.  Everyone wants to be happy at work, and their employers want them to be productive (while hopefully valuing their happiness, too). So what’s going to spur the Sleep Revolution in workplaces? We think the Luxe Pillow ® is a no brainer!

Okay, so a pillow can’t do everything to overhaul your sleep habits. You may have to take it easy on the caffeine, and be sure to take a break from your phone and other screens before bedtime to avoid overstimulating your brain right when it’s trying to rest. But once you make it into the bed, the Luxe Pillow ® brings unparalleled comfort to your night of rest. With high-tech temperature regulation, a three-layer construction designed for maximum comfort, and the softest materials under the sun, the Luxe Pillow ® makes all other pillow feel like burlap sacks.

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