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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Pillows for Valentine's Day

Why a Luxe Pillow or Luxe Pillow Gift Card is the Perfect Gift

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and no matter what your partner might try to tell you, the perfect gift is a necessity. It’s hard to make that perfect impression with a Valentine’s Day gift. Sometimes you just have no idea what your partner wants. But everyone loves the gift of a good night’s sleep, and there’s no better way to sleep soundly than the Luxe Pillow®. And if you’re not sure what kind of pillow your recipient prefers, give them the gift of choice with a Luxe Pillow® gift card!

Let's be honest: Everybody loves to sleep, and what’s better than a brand new Luxe Pillow® to help you dream pleasant dreams and enjoy the magic of Valentines? Luxe Pillow® is one of the best gifts because it’s a gift that’s so much more than what you see on the surface. Not only is a luxurious pillow fun and enjoyable, but it also comes with real health benefits you’ll notice in all facets of your life. This is not a regular pillow! The Luxe Pillow® is a superior pillow, made with the best materials and technology on the market to get you sleeping just as soundly as you did in your very first crib!

 Valentine's Day Winner

If you're not sure which model of pillow to give that special person in your life, you can also give the gift of a Luxe Pillow® gift card! Take the guessing game out of gift giving and simply relax and enjoy your own Luxe Pillow® while your significant other does the choosing!

Your spouses and loved ones can easily redeem Luxe Pillow® gift cards online and order in a snap. Gift cards are an especially good bet for those picky people in your life -- empower them to make their own choice and free yourself from worry of sighs and eye-rolls!

For Valentine’s Day, we present the Luxe Pillow® in a beautiful custom gift box with a handwritten letter from our founders! Save yourself some effort on pain-in-the-neck gift wrapping and let us do the work for you. Nothing will be more special this Valentine’s Day than when your partner opens that present and has the magical realization that you’ve chosen the perfect present. Who wouldn't love that?