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Spring Cleaning and a Healthy Mind

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Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here! Like the vibrant flowers blooming in the garden, it is time for you to bloom into a new person. Spring is the perfect time to purge your home of unwanted items and replace them with tools that will make you happier, healthier, and more productive. From the bedroom to the living room, and every place in-between, it’s time to start spring cleaning!

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning:

  • Clean out the spice cabinet
  • Invest in new clean towels
  • Flip your mattresses
  • Donate old clothes
  • Change your filters
  • Purchase new pillows


1. Clean out the Spice Cabinet

If you love to cook, then your spice cabinet is probably filled to the brim with delectable smelling spices. Spring is the perfect time to get that cabinet in order.

The first step to cleaning the cabinet is going through your spices and throwing away any expired jars. Most spices can last three to four years before going bad. Old spices won’t get you sick, but they do lack a significant amount of flavor. If your garlic has been bland, it’s probably time for a new jar.

Once you have thrown out the old spices, you can clean up your cabinet by taking spices out of their mix-matched cans and putting them in the same, small mason jars. By having all your spices in the same-sized jars, you can organize them nicely in your cabinet. Make sure to label all the new jars, so you don’t have a paprika - chili mix up!

2. Invest in New, Clean Towels

There is nothing more refreshing than stepping out of a hot shower and into a warm, fluffy towel. We use our bath towels almost every day. After so many uses, they can start to lose their fluff. If your bath towels are on the rough side, it may be time to replace them.

If you are already heading to the store for fresh bath towels, you might as well get matching hand and face towels. Not only will your family be able to enjoy the new sets, but the matching towels are perfect for when mom and dad come to town!

3. Flip Your Mattresses

Even if you toss and turn at night, you lay in generally the same position every night. This can cause an uncomfortable indent in your mattress. To keep that indent from growing any deeper, you should flip your mattress as part of spring cleaning.

This process is super simple. Simply take the head of the bed, and turn it to the feet. If you have a large mattress, make sure you have a partner when attempting to move your mattress.

This trick doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it can help save you money. If your mattress is not flipped regularly, it can take on damage quickly. The typical mattress lasts for 8 years. If you aren’t flipping your mattress, you may get 6 instead.

4. Donate Old Clothes

We all have that one old t-shirt from high school that will never fit us again, yet we can’t seem to part from it. If your closet is full of clothes you don’t wear anymore, it is time to purge. As Marie Kondo would say, if it doesn’t spark joy, it doesn’t have to be in your life.

If you have a free Saturday, you can have the entire family bring all of their clothes to the living room. Together, you can go through what you all wear, and what has been gathering dust in the back of the closet.

By making this a family activity, you will feel supported when you decide to donate a once-sentimental shirt. Children can also be brutally honest so you may find out what outfits are less than flattering on you.

Once you have created a pile of clothes to donate, you can take your children to the local donation center. This will teach them about responsibility and community spirit.

5. Change Your Filters

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to change your air filters. For many of us, air filters tend to be an afterthought, especially during the cold winter months when your AC is off. However, your filters can still pick up dust when it’s cold outside. If your family suffers from allergies, changing your filters can cut down on the sneezing.

6. Purchase New Pillows

Spring cleaning is all about improving your living standards and getting rid of anything that clutters your home. One of the best ways to improve everyone’s mood is to purchase new pillows for the entire family.

Pillows typically last between 18 and 36 months, depending on the material the pillows are made out of. If anyone in your family has been experiencing neck pain, it is time to invest in comfortable pillows that will leave everyone feeling refreshed.

The Luxe Pillow stays cool, so even as the summer months approach you will be able to sleep in peace. This unique pillow also offers layers of comfort so you can say bye-bye to neck pain. The high-quality material lasts for years so you can skip next year’s ‘pillow’ spring cleaning.