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Shoulder pain and sleep

Choosing the right pillow for your shoulder pain

Tossing and turning night after night because of shooting pain and tension in your shoulder gets frustrating fast. You might have tried everything, from pain medication to hot yoga, yet you’re still left with chronic pain that makes sleeping a chore. You wake up each morning still exhausted. Though it might not have been your first thought, your pillow may be to blame. Here’s why:

Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain:

  • One that will provide support in any sleeping position
  • One that has a mid-to-firm level of structure
  • One that is durable and will maintain it's quality for years


A pillow’s most important job at night is providing you with upper body support, which promotes good posture. Issues with your pillow and shoulder pain may be caused by inadequate support. According to Psychology Today, a pillow not doing its job can contribute the shoulder pain you’ve become familiar with.

The best way to mitigate this issue is by making sure your pillow is thick enough to support your body without having to fold or squeeze it, putting more stress on your spine as you sleep.

Relief of tension

Research done by Liselott Person at the University of Lund showed that a majority of people with chronic neck pain preferred a supportive pillow following a sleep trial. Relieving the tension caused by the tightening of muscle in your shoulders is a must for a good night’s sleep. Pillows should be a good balance between soft and firm. To put your pillow to the test, lie in a neutral position. If you are comfortable, then that is a sign that your pillow is premier. If you still struggle to find comfort, a new pillow is in order.

Reduce stress

Choosing the right pillow to help alleviate shoulder pain can also help reduce stress. According to a study from Harvard Health, sleep deprivation that may be caused by shoulder pain can lead to some nasty cognitive side effects, including irritability, trouble concentrating, and drastic change in appetite. If you spend your nights awake because your pillow does not properly support you or keep you relaxed, then it will begin affecting your everyday life.

So what’s the solution?

Looking for the “Goldilocks” pillow on the market yourself would likely cause even more stress than your shoulder pain does. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, but one pillow that gets great reviews and does an excellent job to help alleviate shoulder pain is the Luxe Pillow. It is designed specifically to support your shoulders and neck. Pick one up today, or sleep on it -- though your shoulders are probably begging you to do the former.