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Lack of Sleep is Costing You A Lot of Money

Poor Sleep Can Cost You Money

The Dollar Cost of Poor Sleep

There’s this idea in the wider culture that pulling all-nighters and working extra hours leads to greater productivity in a shorter amount of time. Some businesses even go so far as to idealize the concept of the sleep-deprived, overtaxed worker. But this image couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, more rest and a higher quality of sleep are the paths to a successful workforce. In the long run, lack of sleep can cost a company more than just money.


Tired workers don’t operate at their full potential, which leads to a loss of productivity. If the problem is widespread and chronic, it can necessitate hiring more workers than are actually needed just to complete all the daily tasks. Sleep-deprived or overworked employees also tend to burn out quickly, often in less than a year. This means thousands of extra dollars in replacement training each time this happens.


At the end of the day, profits are tied to employee performance. Some are more directly correlated than others, but all employees make an impact on a company’s success. Business losses from overly tired employees are a completely avoidable problem. When everyone is working efficiently, a business has a much higher chance of ending the year in the black.

Employees Work Better with Sound Sleep

Cognitive Function

Lack of high-quality sleep leads to all manner of cognitive impairments. Tired employees lose their ability to focus and retain information, and are prone to making costly errors. And mistakes in the business world amount to unnecessary expenditures. Not to mention that repeating or double-checking work takes time out of already busy schedules.


There’s no industry on this planet that doesn’t benefit from creativity. We are just starting to fully piece together the connections between sleep and the creative centers of the brain. People who get better sleep tend to perform at their full capacity when it comes to thinking of creative solutions to company problems.

How to Encourage Proper Rest

All employers should encourage adequate rest among their employees by creating schedules which allow for a normal sleep schedule and keeping overtime work in check. The rest is up to the employee to make sure they are getting the most out of their nightly rest.High-qualityy mattresses, pillows, and other bedroom ephemera can make a huge difference in how helpful sleep is.


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