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Five Unique Ways to Get Better Sleep During Christmas and New Year's Eve

Plan Your Sleep

Happy Holidays, Happy Sleep: Five Ways to Sleep Better During the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, and what better time to celebrate with your family and friends? It’s a time to make lasting memories, take a break from work, and, importantly for many, get lots of rest and quality sleep!

There’s no shortage of excuses you can make for your lack of sleep and general tiredness. But the holidays are also a time when you can turn over a new leaf and get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making changes!

Here's a series of recommendations you can follow during the holidays if you’re experiencing problems with lack of sleep. We want to help you recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself in the process!

Keep Work at Work

Sometimes it's hard to finish every work task on time, especially when the holidays are around the corner. But the best course of action is to finish your work before the holidays roll around or to hit pause over the holidays and resume once the work grind gets back to normal. You, your friends, and your family should be able to enjoy the holidays together, without having to worry about the constant demands coming from your phones and computers.

Eat Well

For many, the holidays are associated with large, tasty meals surrounded by family and friends. Savor the moment, but be warned: overeating can contribute to lack of sleep, causing insomnia and even nightmares! For a better night’s sleep, you should avoid overeating and filling your diet with heavy or fattening foods. Because there’s no easier time to be health-conscious than the holidays, right?

Don’t be afraid to enjoy a slice or two of pumpkin pie, but always be conscious of your food portions if you want to rest well over the holidays.

Get That Sleep

Get in a Healthy State of Mind

Conflict and mental stress can cause us to spend more time thinking than sleeping when we’re lying in bed at night. As difficult as it might be, don’t dig too deeply into disagreements or arguments with that cousin or uncle who always thinks they’re right! Avoiding those blood-boiling circumstances will help you spend your night sleeping, not stewing

Get Comfortable

In order to sleep well at night, make sure you’re getting optimal comfort from your bed and pillows. Some of us prefer our mattresses rock-hard, while others prefer a more cotton-candy-like feel when we lie down to sleep. If there’s no bed at Grandma’s house that matches your preferences, you can at least take control over your pillow situation. The Luxe Pillow provides a new level of rest with temperature regulation, three-layer comfort, and the highest-quality fabrics you’ll find on the market!

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to sleep well!