Luxe Pillow®

You Get a Gift Card and You Get a Gift Card!

Giving the Gift of Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Sleep!

The holidays are around the corner, and what better moment to show your gratitude and love for your family and friends? It goes without saying that personalized gifts are hard to shop for. Who can keep track of whatever crazy thing Aunt Rita or Cousin Jared are into this year? But you know what everyone likes to do? Sleep! And more specifically, sleep in absolute comfort, free from back or neck pain. The gift of sleep is just the best gift ever, and that’s exactly what the Luxe Pillow ® is here for!

The Luxe Pillow ® is trendy this holiday season because it’s more than just a regular pillow. It boasts the best materials, the best design, and the best comfort. Even if you’re the type who likes to sleep with a whole slew of pillows around you, you might find a single Luxe Pillow ® gives you everything you need to rest well each night. This holiday season, Luxe Pillow ® is offering gift cards in values of $25, $50 and $100 to make everyone happy.

 Gift Cards are Great

Are you or a loved one tired of your old pillow? Are you tired of waking up at night just to move your pillow around and try to go back to sleep again? Maybe it’s even started to get that dreaded yellow color, rip open, or develop more lumps than a sack of potatoes. Time to freshen up your sleep routine! There’s no better time to go for an upgrade and give yourself (or someone close to you) the gift of the LuxePillow experience.

Don't worry about spending more money on wrapping paper, gift bags, or bows, because the Luxe Pillow ® features a beautifully designed gift box that can go straight under your tree with no fuss! The black and gold box is sure to dazzle its recipient and make everyone else jealous! A handwritten note from Luxe Pillow’s founders is the cherry on top of this delicious holiday sundae.

Don't miss your chance to get your Luxe Pillow ® this holiday season! Your family, friends, and spouse can all experience a quality of sleep they’ve never known before! Rescue yourself from the perils of holiday gift-giving with the best gift ever! You still have time to make this happen; For more information, visit to keep up with all the latest news and promotions! Happy Holidays!