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What We're Thankful For This Holiday Season

What We're Thankful For This Holiday Season

Another year, another Thanksgiving weekend approaching, and there’s so much to be thankful for -- no, seriously, there is! Sure, social media and the news may be putting us down in the dumps more often than we’d like, but Thanksgiving is a time for us to take a break from being at each other’s throats and remember that there’s so much more in life that unites us than divides us. You want some examples? We’ll we’ve got ‘em.

Time with Family

We’re all guilty of not appreciating our family enough at one time or another. But they’re the ones who put us on this planet, and they’re the ones who will be by our side no matter what. Thanksgiving is a time to see the family members we might only see once a year. Instead of telling them we’re “living the dream” at our new job with a roll of the eyes, let’s take the time to talk and understand each other at a deeper level this Thanksgiving.

The relatives we’ve taken for granted all these years might just have a lot to talk about, and maybe they’ll inspire us to be grateful in ways we never even considered.

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Thanksgiving Football

But, if you’re not into all that heart-to-heart nonsense, you can enjoy ten full hours of super-humans crashing into each other! In all seriousness, though, football is great. Can you believe there used to be only *two* NFL games on Thanksgiving Day? It was so unacceptable that Congress had to intervene and add a third.

Football brings together athletes of all types, puts them in very disparate roles, and asks them to work together to achieve a common goal. That’s pretty cool! And it gives us something to do while we’re dreaming of all the ways we can repurpose leftover turkey the next day.

Good Food and Wine

It’s not a proper holiday season if you can’t eat, drink, and be merry! This year, we plan to savor every bite we eat and every sip we take. After all, who doesn’t love to revel in the warmth of a nice home-cooked meal or a tasty glass of wine?

Time to Rest

You knew we weren’t going to forget this one, right? Sleep is especially welcome on Thanksgiving Day -- whether it comes in the form of a mid-afternoon nap or an early bedtime to get ready for Black Friday -- it’s also appropriate EVERY day! Sleep allows us to put the tough days behind us and also gives us time to reflect on the best memories we’ve made each day.

Comfortable Pillows

What better way to enjoy a nice food-induced nap than with a quality pillow under your head? Here at Luxe Pillow, we are grateful for the comfort quality pillows provide us and know our sweet dreams would not be as sweet without them.