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The 5 Punishing Effects of Poor Sleep

The 5 Punishing Effects of Poor Sleep

Tossing and turning throughout the night doesn’t just make you groggy in the morning; it can actually harm your health. Poor sleep can have negative effects on your body that your morning cup of joe can’t fix. Read on to learn more.

Memory Issues

If you have trouble finding the right words, or remembering a conversation you had just days ago, your sleep habits may be to blame. Poor sleep can cause a myriad of memory issues. While you sleep, your brain forms connections that help you remember and process information. By skipping this vital step via an all-nighter, you will suffer from a fleeting memory.


Over 15 million people suffer from anxiety. While stresses at work or school can add to anxiety, a major culprit is a lack of sleep. When you do not sleep well, you can suffer from mood swings. At first you will notice your temperament changes; however, after a prolonged poor sleep experience, those mood swings can escalate into depression and anxiety.

Sleep Affects Everything

Weakened Immune System

Have you ever noticed the people at the office with the worst sleep patterns tend to get sick often? Poor sleep weakens your immune system. We are exposed to millions of germs every day. While most are helpful, some are harmful - like cold and flu germs. Typically, if you are exposed to these germs your immune system will fight them off quickly. While you sleep, your body is hard at work protecting you from harm. By waking up every hour, you are not giving your body a chance to defend itself.

Heart Problems

If you sleep less than five hours a night, you are at a greater risk for high blood pressure. But that isn’t the only issue that can plague your heart. A lack of sleep has also been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and heart failure. Your heart is beating every minute of every day, starting from when you are in the womb. The muscle never stops working, but like you, it can use a break. When you sleep, your heart isn’t racing. Instead, it typically beats at a slow, steady pace.

Remedy Sleep Troubles

If you suffer from poor sleep, you have likely tried many options to remedy the problem, but have you tried switching your pillow? Pillows can either make or break the way you sleep because they affect the way your neck alights with your spine. A poor pillow can put a strain on your back, which will keep you up at night. The Luxe Pillow can alleviate that pain. The Luxe Pillow is designed with a full night’s rest in mind. The down/feather core combo gives you a great night’s rest, so you can stay healthy all day and night.