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The Four-Step Morning Routine That Can Change Your Life

Morning Routine

The 4-Step Morning Routine a Better You

When you toss and turn all night, you may wake up extremely groggy. To beat a night of poor sleep, you may want to adjust your morning routine. Starting your day off right can help you sleep better the next night and can encourage your body to make the most of the sleep you got last night. Four simple changes in your morning routine can leave you feeling well rested tomorrow so that you can have a successful day.

Wake Up at Your Normal Time

We all know that we are supposed to get around 8 hours of sleep, but when you fall asleep and wake up is just as important as the 8 hours itself. If you want to have a better sleep experience, you need to regulate the time you get up. Regardless of the time you need to be at work or school, you should aim to wake up at the same time every day. Furthermore, you should stick to a consistent wake-up time on the weekend. If you wake up at 7 am during the weekdays, you should also wake up at 7 am on the weekends.

Exercise in the Morning

Not only should you wake up at a consistent time, but you should wake up early enough to leave time for morning exercise. Whether it is a brisk jog, a walk with the dog, or sunrise yoga, you should aspire to exercise at least 15 to 30 minutes every morning. This will give you a boost of energy to get through the rest of the day. Plus, exercise helps get rid of stress. By destressing in the morning, you can have a stress-free day and ultimately sleep easier at night.

A Better You

Have a Healthy Breakfast

It may be a cliche, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you want to sleep better, you need to start by taking care of your body. Adding healthy breakfast options to your routine, such as egg whites or fruit smoothies, can help you feel great all day. Again, by taking care of your health, you will sleep better at night.

Make Your Bed

Your mother nagging about making your bed had some solid logic backing it up. By making your bed in the morning, you set a mood in your bedroom. You can straighten out your blankets and fluff your Luxe Pillows. A clean, relaxed environment makes it easier to fall asleep. Furthermore, it can build a nighttime ritual in your head. If you make your bed every morning, you will be forced to turn it down at night. That repetitive action will let your brain know it is time to turn off and get some much-deserved z’s.