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The Crazy History of the Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping Pillow

The History of the Pillow

Although not quite often as appreciated as electricity or cars, pillows are a wonderful invention that have improved the lives, and the sleep habits, of people across the world. But where did it all begin? Discover a brief history of pillows, as well as a few unique pillow facts, in this helpful guide.

The First Pillow

The history of the sleeping pillow all started in Mesopotamia. Around 7,000 BC, pillows were made of stone. While not the best start to the current comfortable designs, these pillows were actually used to avoid insects crawling into individuals’ mouths, ears and noses. Only wealthy Mesopotamians could afford these stone pillows, so they were a sign of great wealth.

Pillows Through the Ages

PIllows didn’t get much more comfortable in ancient Egypt. Pharaoh’s uses pillows made out of wood. Later, Chinese pillows used bronze, bamboo and wood. Pillows didn’t become comfortable until ancient Greece, where they used straw and feathered down.

Before long, the most comfortable discovery was made; pillows filled with down became the preferred luxury sleep-aid until modern times. Even with the advent of memory foam and other high-tech comfort materials, down is still a luxurious and popular pillow material.

Unique Pillow Facts

Now that you’ve brushed up on your pillow history, take a look at these unique facts about pillows:

  • Pillows were not common until the Industrial Revolution: It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that pillows began to be mass produced. This allowed them to be affordable enough to be used in every household.
  • Pillows can be good for your health: Whether you use specialized pillows or not, using a pillow can be healthy for your neck, spine and head. Proper support can not only give you a great night’s sleep, it can also help avoid neck pain during the day.
  • Your pillow has a limited lifespan: Even hypo-allergenic pillows need to be replaced occasionally. Most down pillows can last up to 10 years. After that, you should consider replacing your pillow for best results.

The Pillow That Made History

While not on any historical records, the Luxe Pillow is making history with premium designs and cool, comfortable innovations. The Luxe Pillow® is made with down or polyester gel fiber.  Whether you choose classic or modern fill, people of all sleep types love the Luxe Pillow®. Discover the greatest improvement since people put away their stone pillows. Shop for The Luxe Pillow today and discover why so many people are switching to this comfortable, affordable pillow.