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The Quality of Your Pillow Determines Your Sleep

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Why Your Pillow May Make or Break your Sleep

Everyone’s always looking for ways to sleep better: high-tech mattresses, teas, medicines, and even special hyperbaric chambers. But incorporating high-quality pillows into your sleep routine -- although it may sound simple -- can actually have a profound effect on the length and consistency of your typical night’s sleep. Pillows may seem basic and low-tech, but their technology is improving all the time, with the end goal of helping the maximum number of people get the sleep they need.

The Right Pillows Regulate Your Body Temperature

Using high-quality pillows while sleeping actually helps regulate your body temperature so you’re not too hot or too cold throughout the night. Pillows with state-of-the-art technology do a great job regulating temperature because they’re made to do just that. Lesser pillows roast you during hot summer nights and feel like soft icicles in the winter. When you’re able to get your body temperature just right, a good night’s sleep comes much more easily.

The Right Pillows Keep Your Body Comfortable by Providing Support

While body temperature is important to a good sleeping routine, support for your head and neck is essential as well. It’s important to make sure you have a pillow that provides sufficient support for your head and neck no matter the position. Cheap, generic pillows often feel thin and flat, which causes neck pain after even just a night or two of sleeping. Even if they feel supportive at the start, cut-rate materials will degrade after a short period of use, leaving your head and neck in a kink.

One thing to look for in a quality pillow is its ability to mold to the shape of your body. Pillows that have this capability will do a much better job providing reliable, personalized support. Many people assume that pillows with this technology are prohibitively expensive, but companies like Luxe Pillow ® and others provide them at reasonable price points without skimping on quality.

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The Right Pillows Protect You From Allergies

It’s important to know what’s in your pillow, especially if you suffer from allergies to certain fabrics. Pillows made with low-quality materials and without consideration for those who have allergies will exacerbate those problems in short order. However, pillows made from the finest fibers and feathers not only feel great but are less irritating in terms of your allergies as well.

Feather pillows tend to be particularly rough on those with allergies, so you should opt for pillows that have a thorough washing process and are certified hypoallergenic. Those who deal with allergy problems know the dread of going to bed at night and wondering how congested they’ll feel in the morning. With Luxe Pillow ® you don’t have to worry.

Invest in Pillows That Will Last

If you’re sleeping with pillows you’re not used to, you may find it’s harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. This is especially evident when you’re staying at a hotel, in a friend’s guest room, or any other unfamiliar place. If you’re constantly having to replace your pillows due to low quality or lack of comfort, you may even experience this feeling in your own bed. And no one wants to feel like a stranger in their own bed!

Instead, put your faith in a pillow you can trust long-term. This will help you settle into a solid, comfortable routine that will save you hours of tossing and turning. While the price point might be slightly higher than that of low-quality, store-brand pillows, your upgraded pillow will pay for itself thanks to long-lasting durability and luxurious feel.

Summing Up: Don’t Neglect Your Pillow Predicament!

Most people think you can probably grab just any pillow off the rack at the store and get a comfortable sleep. That’s not true! A pillow can do wonders for your physical and mental health by allowing you to get the quantity and quality of sleep you need. If you’d like to improve your sleep routine, take a little time to think about what you want from your pillow and how you can find the one that’s best for you. You won’t be disappointed!

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