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Hotels and Consumer Brands are the Future

Hotels and Luxe Pillow®

Why Hotels Should Partner with Consumer Brands

When travelers visit new cities, they like to be reminded of the comforts of home with their favorite products, while also receiving an introduction to new, high-quality items that make them feel like they’re being pampered. Here are some creative ways that hotels can team up with popular consumer brands to create the ultimate experience for their guests.

Thrill Customers

As exciting as traveling to new places can be, it can be exhausting, disorienting, and sometimes downright intimidating. Therefore, once weary travelers reach their hotel for the night, they like to know they have something comforting waiting for them beyond just a bed to sleep in and a shower to use.

And what better way to make someone feel welcome than to offer them chocolate, placed elegantly on their pillow? The thing is, these chocolates are often branded with the logo of the hotel or simply have no obvious branding at all. Unfortunately, when chocolate lovers come face-to-face with a non-branded, generic treat, they’re like to assume it’s from some lesser source. Nobody likes cheap chocolate! 

In contrast, when guests show up to something like a decadent Godiva truffle on their pillow, they will likely be pleasantly surprised and know that they can trust they will get the very best. Similarly, a hotel aiming for a more approachable, family-friendly vibe may offer some mini Crunch bars or Hershey Kisses to show that they know how to make adults and children alike feel at home.

Be Unique

Unfortunately, guests are known to occasionally forget packing essentials like socks and underwear when they go on a vacation or business trip. It seems hard to believe, but in a world full of stress and distractions, it happens. While they might have to run to a department store to get the necessary replacements, hotels can help them out with some creative and exciting custom socks with the hotel’s branding!

Plenty of companies offer creative custom socks that prominently feature the company’s logo while still allowing for colorful patterns and designs! Everyone loves to show off their flashy and unconventional socks. If you give your guests complimentary socks with a fun design and your hotel’s logo featured front and center, you’ll not only score some goodwill in their hearts, you’ll have a walking advertisement for years to come!

Pillow Options

Be Accommodating to a Broader Audience

Vacation is for vacationing, but after a long day of sightseeing and sampling local cuisine, plenty of hotel guests like to wind down in front of the TV and get some rest before bedtime. Sometimes it’s fun to catch some reruns on cable, but your guests probably aren’t familiar with the local channel listing, and there’s only so many times you can hear the local Ford dealer’s jingle before you go insane.

But you know what tired tourists love to do? Throw on some Netflix or Prime Video and knock out a couple episodes of the newest show they’ve been streaming. So it’s a good idea to equip your hotel rooms with Smart TVs that give them the opportunity to log into their favorite streaming apps, the same apps they enjoy watching at home. Gone are the days when hotel guests are willing to shell out $15 for a pay-per-view movie but give them their favorite streaming brands and they’ll remember you fondly.

Offer Comfort and Mystique

One of the most traumatic parts of staying in a hotel is realizing your bed, sheets, and pillows aren’t up to your standards! An otherwise pleasant, luxurious hotel experience can be undone by a lumpy, sack-of-potatoes pillow or a bed that’s seemingly made from concrete.

The interior of the actual hotel room matters, too. Few guests want to walk into rooms that are dimly lit, drably painted, and overall dull. Hotels with a definitive image win people over. One way to do that is to create a vibe that would be inimitable by any competitor. One way hoteliers can do that is by being strategically selective about the sort of furniture, bedding, and decor they choose for their rooms. It is best to choose brands that score high with guests and can be integrated seamlessly into the hotel’s overall image.

Upgrade Your Experience with Your Favorite Brands’ Help!

Luxury hotel guests tend to be very picky when it comes to the quality of the pillows, so here’s the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the Luxe Pillow ®. The Luxe Pillow ® will not only keep them comfortable, but it will also far exceed the quality of the pillows in their home! (Unless, of course, they’re ahead of the curve and have Luxe Pillows at home, too!) The Luxe Pillow ® is made from the highest quality fabrics and feathers, has a three-layer design to ensure maximum comfort, and its technology even allows it to self-regulate to the perfect temperature.

Incorporating high-rated, high-quality brands into your hotel’s guest experience will do wonders for your customer satisfaction. If you’re convinced the Luxe Pillow ® is just what your guests need for top-level comfort, visit to browse the full selection of products and styles!