Luxe Pillow®

Our Story

Luxe Pillow® Origins

Luxe Pillow® was created in 2017 for one reason only - better sleep! The founders of Luxe Pillow®, Matt and Annie, had years of neck problems, and couldn’t find the perfect pillow anywhere. They decided to create this magical pillow themselves. What resulted was the original Luxe Pillow® , made from 3C technology that helped them fall asleep faster and rest deeper. It’s a classic down pillow, described by one customer as the same kind of special pillow they had growing up on the farm. 

A Note from the Owners

In late 2020, Luxe Pillow® came under new ownership - which is us, Christopher and Dray! We absolutely fell in love with the pillow and decided to become business owners.

Like Matt and Annie, we’re continuing to run Luxe Pillow® as a small, family-run boutique brand. We've involved our kids in helping us too. You'll likely see a nice thank you addressed from them.

We’re located in Atlanta and hope to combine our unique Southern hospitality with the eco-friendly vibes of Portland. 

We love to hear from happy customers and get feedback to make things better. If you need anything, drop us a note at


Best sleep,

Christopher & Dray