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The Best Pillow of 2019

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Maintaining a consistent bedtime is very important to a healthy, organized lifestyle. But sometimes nine o’clock turns into ten o’clock and then eleven o’clock. Before you know it, you’re in “sleep deficit,” and it feels like it’s going to be impossible to feel rested and recovered throughout your day.

An adequate sleep schedule includes about 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. If you’ve tried many methods, such as pills, massages, exercise, or tea, but you’re still not getting the rest you need, it’s high time you tried the Luxe Pillow®!

The Luxe Pillow® is not just a pillow; It’s an expertly designed addition to your sleep routine. When you incorporate the Luxe Pillow® into your typical night’s sleep, you’ll awaken to a better mood, feeling ready to take on the new experiences and challenges life has in store for you.

 Best Pillow of 2019

The Luxe Pillow® takes your rest experience by the scruff of its polyester and raises it to another level. The pillow is created with materials that are scientifically proven to deliver the best in comfort. The first-of-its-kind three-layer design aims to keep you a happy sleeper above all else. 

The structural design of the Luxe Pillow® is created by engineers to guarantee a comfortable experience no matter the position you sleep in. High-quality materials give you the flexibility to sleep in any position and still get a snug, molded fit that cradles your head and neck all night long. Once you’re up and out of bed in the morning, the pillow returns to its natural shape, so feel free to switch up your position the next night! Both polyester gel and down fibers are thick and luxurious while still allowing for breathability.

All the materials in the Luxe Pillow® are the best on the market. Premium goose down and feathers are included in one of Luxe Pillow’s most indulgent options, but there are other sleep solutions for the allergy-conscious. No matter your pillow preference, you won’t regret giving Luxe Pillow® a try. In these times of high stress and fast-paced lifestyles, proper sleep is more important than it’s ever been. With a new year on the horizon, there’s no better time to start off on the right foot and raise your sleep game!