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Five Reasons Why Sleep is the Best Medicine

 According to a 2017 article in Consumer Reports, “Americans take more pills today than at any other time in recent history — and far more than people in any other country.” Even though medications can be life-savers, there are many risks associated with inappropriate prescription use. Overdoses, the use of unnecessary medication, and adverse medication interactions are all too common in a society in which reaching for a pill bottle has often become the first line of defense against pain or illness.

While we fully support using medication when necessary and appropriate, there is a lot we can do to help support our body’s innate healing systems.  

Sleep is Good Medicine

One often overlooked tool in our wellness toolbox is good quality sleep. The body relies on getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night in order to heal and repair itself and maintain the immune system in top condition. So what, exactly, is the impact of sleep on the body’s good health?

1. Improves Heart Health

During the night when you are enjoying a good sleep, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure drops. The production of stress hormones decreases and these physiological changes help keep your heart healthy. 

2. Boosts Immune System Function

A good night’s sleep boosts your immune system. The production of white blood cells, which fight infection, is impaired when you haven’t had enough sleep and this can impede your body’s ability to fight off a germ invasion.

3. Elevates Mood

Not only do you feel perkier and happier if you are well rested but you’ll also function better when it comes to performing complex mental tasks. During sleep is when memories are consolidated, you become rested, relaxed, and you feel better the next morning.

4. Speeds Recovery from Illness or Injury

From supportive hormones that facilitate tissue growth to pumping out white blood cells and increasing production of healthy bone marrow (and red blood cells), the work that goes on in your body at night while you sleep is what helps heal us when we are injured or sick. Repairing and strengthening muscle tissue injured during workout also takes place when you are sound asleep.

5. Helps You Stick to Your Diet

When you are tired, you may find that you desperately need to snack during the day. In a sleep-deprived body, the appetite-influencing hormones leptin and ghrelin are thrown out of balance and this can mess with the body’s interpretation of hunger signals and satiety.

Invest in Good Sleep and Reap the Health Benefits

The impact of good sleep on all areas of health can’t be denied. One of the simplest things you can do to help facilitate a good night’s sleep is to invest in the right sleep equipment. The Luxe Pillow is designed to provide you with the ultimate in support and relaxation, making it easy to slip into a deep, restorative sleep each night. At Luxe Pillow we fully appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keep checking back here on our blog for more tips and suggestions to help you make sure you wake up each morning well rested and eager to start the new day!